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Re: How to NOT get screwed by a videographer  

From: Maxwell Z. Bentley
​Atlanta, Georgia

​I’ll cut right to the chase.

​Right now, you might be researching videographers.
You’ve probably noticed there’s a lottt of us out there...

and you might be a little overwhelmed.

You're might be wondering...

  • ​“What if they ghost me?"
  • “What if it’s too expensive?”
  • “What if they’re difficult to work with?”
  • “What if the video doesn’t end up being good ?”

Rest easy, I’m not here just to tell you to “calm down and hire me.”

In fact, I tell a surprising number of people every day that they shouldn’t hire me.

Instead, I’m sharing with you, step-by-step, how to identify the right video production partner for you.

I wrote this guide after spending over a decade in the video business, hiring and firing more videographers in a 1 year than most people do in a lifetime, and learning exactly what to look for.

Some of these tips will be obvious, some won't be. Either way...

Here's How To Hire The "Right" Video Producer

Indeed, there are tons of video creators out there – some are amazing, some are “meh”, and some are just…questionable.

​So, here are my best tips for helping you find that “amazing” video producer (without getting screwed.)

Step 1: Look at their portfolio and reputation.

Do they create high-quality videos?
Do you like their style?
Is their artistic quality in line with your brand standards?

Remember that you’re trusting this person to create a video that represents your brand.

​If their work quality isn’t that great, it’s going to reflect negatively on your company — so make sure you hire someone with a portfolio of high-quality work.

Also, you probably already know this, but be sure to Google their name, read their reviews, and look at their social media.

Are lots of people saying nice things about them online?

The best video producers have lots of excellent reviews.

​Be wary of those with little to no portfolio or lots of negative reviews.

Step 2: Find out…is video their main gig? Or are they a “jack of all trades”?

Do they dedicate 100% of their time and talent to video production?
Are they knowledgeable of the ins and outs of producing videos?
Can they answer all of your questions with confidence?

Or is “video” just a line item in a long laundry list of services they offer?

This is how you can distinguish full time video producers who are dedicated to taking care of their clients and creating superior quality work...

​...from those are just doing video “on the side.”

Step 3: Are they really an expert…or just another order taker?

Be especially careful here.

An amazing video producer should get to know you, your organization, and your goals for a video campaign, and THEN share their expertise and curated suggestions for making your vision happen.

If they just say “OK sounds good” with little to no conversation, and then shove a contract in your face, be wary.

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So Where Does that Leave Us?

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably seriously interested in finding a high-quality video production team.

You may even be considering getting in touch with us. Before you do that…

If you need a video created as cheaply as possible, we’re not for you.

If you need a video created extremely quickly, we’re not for you.

If you’re not willing to speak with us to be 100% sure that working together makes sense, we’re not for you.


If you’re looking to produce a high-quality marketing video,

You’d enjoy working with a talented team of film, storytelling, and marketing experts who are highly sought-after in their respective fields,

And you’re not afraid to invest in improving the perception of your brand,

Then we’d love to see if we can help you, or at least point you to someone who can.

​Click below to request a custom quote from my team. I look forward to seeing what we accomplish together.

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We never share or sell your information. By submitting the above form, you expressly authorize Bentley Media LLC to send marketing emails using automated technology to the email provided, and understand that you can unsubscribe anytime.

Written by Maxwell Z. Bentley

Maxwell Z. Bentley is the founder of Bentley Media, an award-winning video marketing studio. At a very young age, he discovered the power of video by editing a trailer for the Roblox app that went viral on social media with over 100M views. Since then, his Perfect Video Strategy℠ has driven millions in sales for brands across the globe. He frequently shares his expertise on media outlets such as NPR, WSB-TV and ASBN, and was recently named to the University of North Georgia's Top 20 Under 40 Alumni.

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